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Artist: ArtWalk

Photographer: Bobbi Barbarich

Who We Are

Since 1969, The Nelson and District Arts Council has been offering arts and culture programming, education, and advocacy to over 15,000 artists and art-lovers of all ages and backgrounds in the Nelson area.

As well as hosting the Nelson International Mural Festival each year, we operate a number of Nelson’s much-celebrated and free cultural events including ArtWalk, the Rural Artist Support Weekend, and the Nelson Dance Educators’ Showcase. NDAC also configures The Narrows Artist Residency and the Richard Carver Award for local artists and emerging writers.

Here at NDAC, we take pride in being recognized as a safe and conscious organization that is accessible to everyone. Our members are individuals and groups who participate in art and culture related activities, and represent such disciplines as music, theatre, dance, visual arts, modern and traditional crafts, heritage work, and writing.

Our mission is to stimulate, broaden, encourage, and facilitate the continuing development of arts and cultural opportunities, projects, and activities in the Nelson District. We believe in building trust and fostering strong relationships; we want our members to feel supported, valued, and appreciated for their creative expression and artistic endeavours.

Become a member and support your community through the arts.

Our Team

Meet the hard-working, arts-loving individuals that nurture and support cultural activity, promote community engagement, and advocate for the arts within the Nelson and District communities.

Sydney Black


Executive Director and Mural Festival Co-Founder

As Executive Director for NDAC, Sydney expertly steers the organization's artistic direction while handling the day-to-day operations.

Clelie Chevrier



Clelie has nearly two decades of experience as full-service bookkeeper with a focus on social-enterprise businesses and nonprofits.

Dee Landsberg


Mural Festival Co-Founder and Music Curator

Dee scouts and curates all of the music talent for the street party, as well as organizing the schedules and workshops.

Ingrid Love


Marketing Coordinator

Ingrid coordinates the marketing for all NDAC programs, including Nelson International Mural Festival.

Brian McIntyre


Mural Coordinator

Brian has been the Mural Coordinator for Nelson International Mural Festival since 2020.

Stephanie Myers


ArtWalk Coordinator

Stephanie began working in the arts and non-profits through her love of building community, celebrating creativity, and facilitating connections.

Kaitlyn Nobiss


Assistant Festival Coordinator and Mural Project Manager

Kaitlyn joined the Nelson and District Arts Council in 2024 as Assistant Festival Coordinator and Mural Project Manager.

Avi Phillips


Digital Operations

Avi has been with NDAC since 2018, his role encompasses enhancing and managing NDAC’s digital infrastructure.

Dave Ronald


Mural Festival Technical Director

Dave moved to the Kootenays in 1995 to attend Selkirk College. He fell in love with the area and its gorgeous mountains and trees.

Amber Santos


Mural Festival Co-founder and Mural Curator

Amber has been with NDAC since 2018 and was involved with the 2012 Colours of Nelson event and has also participated in ArtWalk.

Gillian Wiley


Program Assistant

Gillian's work at NDAC involves project coordination, general administrative work, and on-the-ground work with NDAC’s programs.

Board of Directors

Our dedicated Board Members are made up of volunteers committed to promoting and encouraging diverse artistic opportunities and inclusive cultural activities that strengthen our community.

Daniela Bustos



Daniela brings two decades of theatre production and public relations expertise from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to her role here in Nelson.

Devon Caron


Chair / President

Devon runs the day to day operations of The Civic Theatre, The Shoebox Theatre, and Reo's Video.




Hannah DeBoer-Smith


Vice Chair

Hannah has gained her certificate in Fine Woodworking from Selkirk College, and holds a BA in Public Administration and Community Development.

Leah Gallicano



Leah has been an NDAC board member since 2020 and is the owner of Ruby Soho Supply Co.

Stephanie Kellett



Stephanie has a bachelor's in Art History from UVic, a diploma in Fine Arts from UBC, and thirteen years as a semi-to-full-time artist.

Gita Moore



She joined the Nelson Civic Theatre in 2022 and defines her role as a “smooth operations facilitator”.

Myra Rasmussen



Myra is a community engaged artist, who focuses on the role of festivals and celebrations in bringing people together.

Ron Patrick Robinson




Artistic and cultural vibrancy in Nelson and the surrounding communities.


To provide opportunities and support for artists and art lovers in the Nelson region to connect, create, and experience.


  • Reciprocity: We build respectful, trusting relationships and connect through equitable and non-extractive ways.
  • Accessibility: We prioritize the safety of our community and the accessibility of all our programming.
  • Advocacy: We champion equity in the arts and plant seeds that support more inclusive and sustainable arts communities.
  • Vitality: We magnify joy and create beautiful spaces and experiences to engage our community.
  • Amplification: We uplift artists to share their own stories and lived experiences in ways meaningful to them.
  • Integrity: We do all our work with care, transparency and sincerity to stay accountable to those we serve.

What we do

  • Facilitate: We facilitate engaging, accessible and community-focused arts programs and events.
  • Support: We provide low-barrier programming, skill-building, and economic opportunities for artists and the arts community.
  • Collaborate: We connect with regional arts and culture organizations, members, businesses and other partners to support cultural vibrancy.
  • Advocate: We advocate for artists, and work to address barriers to artistic livelihoods.

Our Region

An Artistic Ecosystem

The spectacular Nelson and Kootenay Lake region is an inspirational hotspot for art-goers, music lovers, food fanatics, nature enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

Nelson is a vibrant mountain town with an incredible arts community that embraces and encourages all artistic disciplines. Nelson’s picturesque streets and intriguing alleyways are full of art, music, places to eat and drink, shops, and all manner of curiosities that attract thousands of visitors each year—making it a natural centre for the arts.

“I love how Nelson embraces and celebrates its artistic spirit. From the lively arts festivals to the cozy galleries tucked away in historic buildings, there’s an undeniable creative energy that infuses every aspect of life in Nelson”
Sydney Black, Executive Director

“I love being a part of the Nelson community. I love watching how our community grows and changes, while also somehow staying the same at the same time.”
Gita Moore, Board Member

“I love that although the Nelson community is small, there is a vibrant arts community representing lots of different disciplines and styles and perspectives.”
Avi Phillips, Digital Operations

“Although it is nestled in the mountains and comparatively small, Nelson has this incredible arts community that thrums on a similar frequency to that of an urban centre.”
Ingrid Love, Marketing Coordinator

Learn more about our beautiful region by visiting Nelson and Kootenay Lake Tourism.

Artist: STYNA

Photographer: Electrify Photography

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