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Avi Phillips


Digital Operations

Avi’s background blends the arts and digital marketing. With experience as a theatre performer, writer, and director Avi draws from his artistic foundation to complement his work in the digital space. Avi’s expertise spans SEO, PPC, content creation and marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website design, and analytics. Avi also runs his own business, Transform Your Org, that supports the development of businesses and organizations.

Avi has been with NDAC since 2018. His role encompasses enhancing and managing NDAC’s digital infrastructure. This includes setting up and optimizing data analytics, conducting thorough audits for SEO and web accessibility, and providing technical support for live digital events. Additionally, he is responsible for developing and maintaining systems for efficient data management and automation, ensuring seamless integration of various digital services.

Avi is a true arts enthusiast; as well as his passion for the performing arts, he loves doing art, experiencing art, and visiting big cities—like New York City—to take in the local arts scene. His other passion is developing robust, game-changing data systems that transform the way an organization is run.

“I love that although the Nelson community is small, there is a vibrant arts community representing lots of different disciplines and styles and perspectives.”