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Hannah DeBoer-Smith


Vice Chair

Hannah has been involved in community organizing since she was a young teenager. She has organized fundraisers, community education, music and events, arts and much more. Art, in various forms (painting, textiles, printmaking, comic, tattoo, illustration, leather, wood and much more) has always been part of Hannah’s life.

She gained her certificate in Fine Woodworking from Selkirk College, and holds a BA in Public Administration and Community Development. Amber has a diverse range of experience under her belt including working as a chef, baker, farmer, educator, coordinator, seamstress, project coordinator, and many other things.

Hannah’s interests lie in knowledge and learning, art, food systems, community, and trying to be a generally decent human being. She is an avid forager and knows lots about what’s coming out of the ground, plants and fungi, and what to do with them.