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Leah Gallicano



Leah has been an NDAC board member since 2020 and is the owner of Ruby Soho Supply Co.

Leah is a certified sommelier and a twenty-year veteran of the BC restaurant scene, focusing her work on towns supported by tourism including Tofino, Vancouver, and Nelson.

Leah manages the sale and distribution of BC and international beverage brands in the Kootenays and the BC interior. She works with restaurant owners to develop their operations, specializing in beverage menus both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. By slowly building up a Kootenay-based distribution wing of the company, Leah’s work helps to fix the distribution issues facing BC interior farmers and producers.

Leah is passionate about wine, cocktails, and food, especially the pairing of flavours and the creation of delicious concoctions. Her interests include gardening, world history, art, music (especially punk and hip hop), photography, and interior design. She also loves hunting for treasure in thrift stores and cliff-jumping on the Arrow Lakes in the summer.

“Nelson is so vibrant! There is always a wonderful meal to eat or an amazing piece of art to enjoy. There is nowhere like it. I feel like this town contributes to the richness of my life.”