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Sydney Black


Executive Director and Mural Festival Co-Founder

Before joining NDAC in 2016, Sydney ran a musical theatre company, producing shows for over a decade and building up her expertise as a business owner, event manager, and program coordinator.

As Executive Director for NDAC, Sydney expertly steers the organization’s artistic direction while handling the day-to-day operations, including planning and overseeing budgets, organizing events and exhibitions, and working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly. For Sydney, the role of executive director involves wearing many hats, but at its core, it’s about supporting and nurturing the arts within the community.

Outside the office, Sydney loves spending time with her family—accompanied by a rowdy terrier— in the Slocan Valley. When she’s not relaxing in nature she can be found on stage, backstage—anywhere where it is acceptable to burst into song at any moment.

“I love how Nelson embraces and celebrates its artistic spirit. From the lively arts festivals to the cozy galleries tucked away in historic buildings, there’s an undeniable creative energy that infuses every aspect of life in Nelson.”

Photographer: NDAC