Sandeep Johal is a Canadian visual artist whose bold, colourful forms and intricate black and white linework is aesthetically and conceptually inspired by her South Asian heritage.
The mural design is inspired by the Art Deco period, both in terms of design elements and colour palette.
Mother/daughter artist duo PJ Gilhuly and Lyla Gilhuly painted this two-sided mural during the 2020 festival.
Lacey and Layla specialize in mammoth high-chroma realism that celebrates urban diversity, marginalized communities, and biodiversity through technical representation.
This mural was designed and painted by youth artists alongside mentor artists Amber Santos and Steph Kellett. The mural is about the effect of water on our communities and homes.
Alex chose "Manifest" because he spent some time in Nelson a few years ago and got to understand that the Kootenays have a vibe, that no one can explain.
Matty Kakez has been involved with local street art and public art long prior to participating in the festival.
Sheldon Pierre Louis, a member of the Okanagan/Syilx Nation, is a multi disciplinary Okanagan/Syilx Artist who’s ancestral roots have influenced his works.
Jessa’s paintings and drawings emerge from her experiences in the backcountry. Her artwork blends the creation process with adventure capturing the spirit of exploration during her time outside.
Montreal-based artist Kevin Ledo is known throughout Canada and the world for his breathtaking large-scale portraits.