Having painted in over 10 countries, Fatspatrol has a passion for public art and its impact on social interaction and place-making.
Dominic Laporte is an Ottawa-based muralist and illustrator whose work combines traditional painting and mixed-media techniques.
IMAGINE (aka Sneha Shrestha) is a Nepali artist who incorporates her native language and meshes the aesthetics of Sanskrit scriptures with graffiti influences.
Damian loves art as a way of saying something, anything! It can be important, mundane, fantastic, colourful, terrible, quiet or loud.
Alex Fowkes has created mammoth type installations, bespoke artwork for international advertising campaigns for clients worldwide.
Matty Kakez is a street artist, ally and father who has always felt at home on the left coast. As an artist, he is all about vibrant colours, the land and political commentary.
Sheldon Pierre Louis, a member of the Okanagan/Syilx Nation, is a multi disciplinary Okanagan/Syilx Artist who’s ancestral roots have influenced his works.
Montreal-based artist Kevin Ledo is known throughout Canada and the world for his breathtaking large-scale portraits.
Jessa’s paintings and drawings emerge from her experiences in the backcountry. Her artwork blends the creation process with adventure capturing the spirit of exploration during her time outside.
Lowclass Art (Benji Lowclass) is fuelled by the arts, music, wildlife, and outdoor sports with over 10 years of experience.