Jaymie Johnson is an artist whose work spans drawing, printmaking, installation, and community-engagement.
NASARIMBA, meaning “playful mischief,” is the practice of Canadian artists, Rachel Ziriada (BFA UVic 2014) and Mikhail Miller (BFA AUArts 2006).
Axel Morrison is an Artist and Multidisciplinary residing in the West Kootenays/Sinixt territory. His work is driven as a response to life and culture.
Having painted in over 10 countries, Fatspatrol has a passion for public art and its impact on social interaction and place-making.
Andreas Tiedemann is a mixed media live painting and abstract painter.
Timothy Robert Smith is a Los Angeles oil painter, muralist and multi-media artist, using realistic techniques to investigate the nature of perception.
Dominic Laporte is an Ottawa-based muralist and illustrator whose work combines traditional painting and mixed-media techniques.
Christina Huynh is an illustrator and muralist based in Western Sydney, Australia that paints under the name STYNA.
DODO lives his art as a great adventure, where one feeds the other and vice versa.