Artist: Bryn Stevenson

Photographer: Ingrid Love

Tribute to JP. Auclair

Bryn Stevenson’s recreation of Canadian free-skier J.P. Auclair’s bird design has been painted twice; the first time in the winter in 2017 and included in the short film “Imagination” starring free-skier Tom Wallisch. The mural aged significantly over the years and was repainted in 2021.

JP’s bird design is featured in a West Kootenay segment in the film All.I.Can. by Sherpa Cinemas, in which JP skies through streets and houses with the utmost creativity. JP passed away in a tragic accident in 2014. This mural commemorates his imaginative nature.

Artists Involved


924 Ninth Street

On the retaining wall

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Photographer: Bryn Stevenson