Artist: Jean Paul Langlois

Photographer: Ingrid Love

Dispossesed: Unvanquished

Jean Paul is a Métis artist from Vancouver Island, currently painting in East Vancouver. His work is informed by television and cinema, particularly Westerns, 70s sci-fi and Saturday morning cartoons. Using ultra-saturated colours, references to art history and well-worn cinema tropes, he seeks to understand the alienation to his own cultural backgrounds, both indigenous and settler.

Jean Paul had seen three films which affected him greatly right at the time he was selected for the festival. Heaven’s Gate, Cheyenne Autumn, and I Will Fight No More Forever. The themes of all three revolve around eviction and displacement and this weighed heavily on the design.

Artists Involved


517 Victoria Street

Behind Cowan Office Supply

Year Created





Photographer: Electrify Photography