Timothy Robert Smith

Timothy Robert Smith is a Los Angeles oil painter, muralist and multi-media artist, using realistic techniques to investigate the nature of perception. His work fuses together multiple perspectives into a kaleidoscopic vision, playing with our understanding of time and space.

His art has shown in solo exhibitions at museums, TEDx conferences and several galleries; being featured in media outlets that include Juxtapoz, Artillery, NBC and KCRW. He has created a plethora of public work around the country, including an interactive installation at the Museum of Art and History, Lancaster (May 2018). He is known for his murals that combine realism with shifting perspective techniques.

In Smith’s work, objects can be seen from multiple vantage points at the same time; like in cubism, but through a realist’s lens. As the viewer’s focus shifts throughout the piece, the edges of objects shift with them. Dramatic viewing angles and kaleidoscopic landscapes capture the viewer’s attention, while enigmatic storyline inspire further investigation.

The theme behind all of Smith’s work is the “diversity of human perception”. This is a study of how the world is interpreted differently from different vantage points, and how these individual views work together to form an agreed-upon picture of the universe.

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