The Color Dreamers: Amir Shakir & Ivette Cabrera

We are an artist duo called The Color Dreamers. Our team consists of artists Amir Shakir and Ivette Cabrera. We have been self‐employed artists for over nine years exhibiting paintings in national museums and galleries with art commissions in both residential and commercial applications. Amir Shakir is a musician and conceptual artist recently awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County commissioners for valuable contributions to the community.

Ivette Cabrera is a visual artist, interior designer, and art curator that organized a four year artist residency program named Viophilia. Viophilia was a sanctuary for artists and creative professionals of all disciplines and backgrounds. The residency program was designed to provide affordable housing and workspaces for artists looking to focus intensely on their craft. We have successfully completed over 20 large scale public art murals and over 100 drawings and paintings.

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