Steph Kellett

Born in the desert of the Okanagan, Stephanie is an artist who is guided by dreams, intuition, wild creatures, and the stories that come from all of them. Working in a range of mediums, from acrylic paint to video, collage, and illustration, Stephanie uses beauty as a doorway into more difficult topics of connection and loss, ecological grief, and vulnerability. Informed deeply by the landscape around her, its voices, colours, and shapes, Stephanie often takes multiple week immersion trips into the wilderness for new inspiration, stories, and transformative experiences to create work from.

Having had many solo exhibitions within the West Kootenay region of British Columbia since she began to root herself there in 2009, Stephanie’s most notable solo exhibition, Re-Wilding: fire starter, has been exhibited at Oxygen Art Centre in 2018, and at Gallery2 in Grand Forks in 2019. She’s also created murals for the Nelson International Mural Festival, ArtsWells Festival of All Things Art, in Wells, BC; the Re-Imagine Street Art Festival in Penticton, BC (twice); downtown Winlaw, BC, as well as sculptural installations at Shambhala Music Festival and Burning Man. Although she completed a Diploma in Fine Arts at Okanagan University of British Columbia in 2003, and then a subsequent Degree in Art History at the University of Victoria in 2008, Stephanie is primarily a self-taught painter. She is also a lover of strong winds, expansive vistas, and the smell of burning pine and sage.

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